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Couldn’t thank enough to this mastermind. Thanks for those extra efforts else would have still been studying BMS 😉 Never got that lecture like feeling, always felt that a friend is teaching me. Genuinely he will take those extra steps in making studies easy and understandable. 10/10 to Jenil’s

Rahul Kohli

This genius here is truly the mentor you would wish for, a perfect blend of friendly guidance and motivation by creating classroom into a quiz show, which you would always love to participate in.

Harsh Gosrani

Sir, You are evergreen!! Glad we had you as our mentor. Would always be grateful for your support and kindness.. It would be impossible to count on all the ways you have helped us to shape our career. Many Thanks!!

Pratik Singh Kalhans

He’s our Bro! Our very own Summer Santa! From Pom Pom Idly to Samosa Pav to fortnightly domino’s treat, he leaves no stone unturned to keep us motivated. The most patient human I’ve ever come across. If you’ve studied with him, you know you can nail the exam without opening your books at home! We love you sir, and we terribly miss coming to class

Saloni Vadalia

Those were the best days of my life! It was a pleasure to be your student. The sense of humour was on par with all the amazing teaching. I completely n absolutely miss you and so does Akash

Varsha Phalke

We seriously miss your lectures. Never thought that sitting in the first row and that too with Varsha would be so much fun learning. Thanks for making our basics so strong which is helping a lot in my career. Great Days!! Great Fun!!

Akash Thokale

Without a doubt the best place you could ever be. No matter how bad you are in accounts, Sir has his way of making you a champ in it. Even if you are never academically inclined , Sir can work his magic to make sure you not only pass but you ace the subject in the best possible way. Once your part of this class your subscription to the best days of life along with amazing academic record begins

Abhishek Devadiga

Truly a fun learning experience! Never thought accounts could be so much fun but Jenil Sir never lets you have a dull moment in class! Very friendly and chilled out atmosphere.
Can’t thank Sir enough for everything! I can guarantee you will start enjoying the subject

Komal Upadhyaya

Thankful to Jenil Sir for making accounts actually enjoyable! Sir teaches in such a way that your view on the subject changes drastically and helps you to overcome the fear of accounts. Along with imparting us with knowledge he gives us life skills to prepare us for the world! Thank you again sir. Best two years of college

Neha Sardar

Totally trust the slogan “A better brand of brain” – making the most haunting accountancy problems to be the easiest of all. Here, you learn the subjects in the easiest way possible. Thank you sir, for an amazing guidance

Reshmi Varma

It was sometimes easy but when it was hard, you made sure to make it easy. And we know how you never really had free evenings . Thanks for accommodating us … thankyou for being such a wonderful Teacher..

Karishma Varma

If an Engineer can learn Finance in a months time, then a commerce student can definitely skill it in no time.
Well this can only happen at “JENIL’S”.

Karanpreet Singh Chima

In a short spam of time the syllabus was completed and also taught to us. Joining jenils was really a good decision mausam ma’am and jenil sir were really good and helpful and were always there jenils is the best place to study. Never thought maths could be so much fun.

Trisha Sethi

To be honest I would recommend him irrespective of how smart or how poor you are in studies. He’ll always find a way to make you do it. What a teacher/friend he has been! I really doubt if I could find anyone better than him. Had an amazing journey of 5 years.

Harsh Shah

Jenil sir is the most friendly teacher I’ve come across. His way of teaching is really helpful. It’s Amazing and superb to learn under him and his notes are really helpful . He makes accounts and maths so easy and it doesn’t really matter if u have a great commerce background or no.
I personally would recommend you to join the classes. And also let’s not forget the customized goodies

Bharti Verma

Without a doubt, He is a teacher that could possibly make you fall in love with what you do, even when you hate the subject. That’s the thing, he makes it fun & simple. An atmosphere where you don’t even realise that you’re studying. You don’t feel like studying, he’ll make it fun! You can’t understand? Not once, twice but over & over again he’ll make you understand! You think you don’t know anything just before the exam? He’ll definitely motivate you, push you & get you through!
What else in a teacher would you need? A mentor? A Friend? An Inspiration? He’s not one of them, he’s all of them.

Shreya Mehta

The wayy of teaching is just amazing. Sir and ma’am are soo cool which makes the learning environment even more chilled and friendly. One will never feel the need to go home and study. Best classes I’ve ever been to. (Also I can never forget those small and cute festival gifts)

Aayushi Jain

Extremely friendly environment, concept understanding just got a lot easier with Jenil Sirs methods of teaching , clean and neat classrooms with comfortable chairs and proper view to the board. Created amazing memories in the whole semester and an all round amazing experience. Thank you so much Jenil Sir for making Math so easy .

Ashna Shetty

This is the best class I have been to so far.Jenil sir is really cool,friendly & amazing with his wonderful teaching skills.Studies has never been so much fun.Totally cool and chilled out atmosphere!
Honestly if you attend sincerely and regularly there won’t be much burden of studying at home.I have spent 2 years at Jenil’s.I wish I had known about it earlier.

Nirvi Shah

Really a great experience, was there for 5 years (11th to 15th) and it was amazing. Teaching wise jenil sir is excellent he is one of the best teachers I’ve ever met. Made the subject (accounts) more interesting and taught us in a very good way. It was him who made me like the subject. He made difficult concepts easy to understand which helped me a lot. It’s been a privilege being jenil sirs student.”A better brand of brain!!” Absolutely true. Thank you sir for everything

Sahil Mehta

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