Our Promise

At Jenil’s – A better brand of brain, we believe that every student has a genius hidden in themselves and it takes the right kind of training to unleash it. Keeping up with this philosophy, we have adopted student centric ways of teaching. Our coaching is specially curated in a way to ensure that the focus is on keeping the concepts of the subject sound, strong, clear and the outcome of that is shown in the results which a student delivers- in academics as well as corporate work life. 

From providing coaching for the foundation year in commerce to post graduation, we have got it all covered under one roof. Year on year, we have incorporated more efficient and effective ways of mentoring to derive maximum productivity and best results from our students. From comprehensive notes to regular practice tests and feedback sessions, we do it all for our students. We encourage the concept of in-depth-learning, so that our students can extract optimum advantages and application from the knowledge they have acquired.

At Jenil’s, we understand the importance of undivided attention and hence we aim to deliver personalised learning for all our students. Additionally, we go beyond the curriculum and mentor students at a personal level and help young aspirants to choose the right path and discover their true passion.

Our philosophy

* 2P’s of Teaching – Patience and Passion

* Intrinsic worth of Education overpowers Monetary             value of Education 

* Tests are a given but thorough revision aces the Real Test

* Attendance and Grades are directly proportional

*Achievers – Under or Over?! Everyone is Equally Welcome

*Learn and Snack coz a rumbling belly is an empty workshop

* Too many Teachers spoil the Concept

* Too many Teachers spoil the Concept

Our Highly Experienced Professor

Jenil Shah


Mausam Shah


Kalash Shetty


Shreya Mehta